About HB-Photography and were it all started

We started of with just me, someone with a passion in art and photography, over the years we grew and started to explore the world, searching for places to go and spectacles to see.

We started HB-Photography because we all have one thing in common, we all love our planet, and because of pollution and habitat loss we want to let the world know what they were sharing it with.

Every single HB-Photography worker love the Wildlife, so we spend our days touring the countryside and looking for creatures not necessarily rare, but secretive, but we also love the ones that are bold and don’t hide.

Some of us will still go out often, but prefer, and are better at, just drawing or painting the pictures the photographers take home.

Were we love to go

Most of us just can’t seem to find reptiles, which is really annoying as we have a passion for them just like some of us have a passion for birds, and keep on finding them. The ones who love birds love to go to WWT Slimbridge, there they find all sorts of wonderful birds, one of the most wonderful being the Kingfisher, the flash of iridescent blue is marvelous to behold. On the other hand those who love to see reptiles always end up going to places unfortunately not wild, such as crocodiles of the world, which have lots of big reptiles which is a relief to the few reptile enthusiasts. But we do not always go to parks to get such great photographs, sometimes we just walk through the woods and see a few butterfly’s flying past or a herd of deer happen to be grazing a field.