Kingfisher’s facts

  • Kingfishers live all around the world, on the banks of slow flowing rivers. They especially like tall banks because they are good for breeding in. The common kingfisher, the blue one, lives in Europe.
  • The kingfisher’s status is ‘least concern’.
  • The kingfisher’s got their name because they evolved to be streamline in the air and in the water. That way they can be quicker at catching their prey so the prey don’t see them coming in time. They are the best ‘fisher around, the ‘ king fisher
  • Their diet consists of aquatic insects and fish that they catch with their razor sharp bill.
  • kingfishers are solitary birds unless they are breeding then they stay in pairs.
  • You can distinguish the male from the female because the male has a black beak ando the female has an orange streak on the lower part of her beak